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194 (NEWS 393) - Dryad Skill Update
By Alara: I've made a few updates to the dryad skills, since Deh has been about and asking for a few updates!

1. DESCRIBE TREE LOCATION is now accepted, and will set your tree's description as it appears in its container room. Any length of text is accepted at the moment, but please do keep it at a reasonable length. One sentence is probably good, any more is also probably good so long as you're not sending every reader into conniptions.

2. WINDBLOW is now restricted to outdoor rooms only. If the ISOUTDOOR attribute is set on the room, container, or its parent (and the target is connected and not unfindable), you can windblow.

It turns out TREE PORTAL is not yet restricted, so I may want to set up similar permissions.
--Sat, 27 May 2017 09:45:29 MDT
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