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220 (NEWS 411) - Christmas Box and GMCP
By Alara: Hiya, all! I was just working on a few fun things. And annoying things. And frustrating things. But I think everything works now!

1. The Christmas Box was not correctly releasing all the wandering creatures.

More realistically, the wandering Christmas creatures could not find the door because they didn't realize they could walk through the only exit out of the Christmas Box due to the inability of testlock() testing EVAL-type locks. Turns out elock() works much better for this.

2. GMCP is actually a working thing right now! I only have one module available: Exits!

Set OOB`EXITS=1 on your character to turn on this option. Of course, your client will need to be parsing incoming json data over Telnet Subnegotiation.

Check out HELP OOB and for more information on this. I will see about also publishing my MUSHClient scripts on the website for the saavy folks to pick apart.
--Sun, 09 Dec 2018 12:46:03 MST
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