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96 (NEWS 320) - Moon
By Alara: Moon functions have been created and implemented successfully. DATE will now echo the current phase of the moon. I've chosen a period of three RL days to be one moon "year" or revolution of the moon around the planet..whatever the planet is. During this time, there will be the standard 8 phases. The plan is to somehow program up a few werewolf skills surrounding these phases, namely Gibbous and Full Moon.

However, I still have yet to create a tick-based function which will alert the rest of the world when this function actually switches from one phase to the other. I'm thinking about somehow working this into the quarter-day tick listen which will then compare it to the current cosine function and set the appropriate phase number as an attribute on the calendar and ALSO maybe send out world messages of moon phases changing. But...more on this later hopefully.

--Wed, 23 Nov 2011 18:09:03 MST
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